Lost Ferret

There is nothing more heart stopping than the realization that your ferret is definitely not in the house so must have got out.

When our kids were living at home, ALL of our ferrets wandered. CJ was the only one who actually came home โ€“ he banged on the security door at 3 in the morning THREE times. The first time Philip went to the door and turned on the light and couldnโ€™t see anything, as CJ was standing close to the door. Same with the second time and it was only when the banging went on for the 3rd time that Philip actually opened the door and saw the little fellow standing patiently out on the porch, waiting to be allowed in.


However all of the others ended up either at vet offices, were found by ferret rescue or by a neighbor.

Here are some suggestions on what to do if you discover you have a lost ferret ๐Ÿ™

Get a squeaky toy and walk around the block, squeaking. You never know, your ferret might just be a couple of houses away and when it hears the squeaky, it will come running.

Make posters and put them in all the mailboxes in your immediate neighborhood.

If you can legally put the posters on shop windows, lamp posts, etc, do that as well. The more posters you have out there, the more chance of someone calling if they find your ferret.

Is there a ferret shelter/association nearby? If there is, call and tell them youโ€™ve lost your ferret.

Does the shelter/association have a ferret rescue? If they do, call and let them know your ferret is missing.

Ring every veterinarian office in your neighborhood. Let them know if your ferret has been microchipped, so that they can check if a ferret is brought to them.

Is there a municipal pound in your area? If there is, call them and let them know your ferret is lost.

Put ads in the Lost & Found section of all the local papers.

Leave a cage with your ferretโ€™s bedding outside your front door with food and water. You never know, it might just wander back and if it finds familiar bedding there, it will curl up and go to sleep. Check the cage regularly just in case.

Do NOT give up too much information in the description of your ferret. For instance, if it has any distinct markings, like one white whisker or a splash of white fur on its head, keep that to yourself so that you can easily identify your ferret to anyone who might have found it.

There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there and if someone knows thereโ€™s a found ferret and has the complete description of your pet, he might just call up and pretend to be the owner.

The sooner you do the above once you know your ferret has gone walkabout, the better chance youโ€™ll have of recovering it safely.

Below is a sample poster along the lines of the ones I used to hand out when our ferrets went missing, just to give you an idea.


To give you hope for your lost ferret’s return …

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General advice for recovering ferrets, etc. (PetFBI)

Tips to help find your lost pet (Petsearchers Canada)


Lost Ferret — 50 Comments

  1. Lost Ferret in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His name is Turbo and he is a little over 1 year old. He weighs about 3 1/2 pounds and has a tender heart. Location is on the east side (Wyoming and Indian School) Best way to reach us is by call or text at: 505-450-5643 also try our home phone at: 505-275-0579. There is a reward to anyone who has found our beloved boy. Thank you!

  2. So sorry to hear Turbo has gone walkabout.
    I’ve shared your email on my home page, also my Furquin’s Ferrets & All-About-Ferrets FB pages, as well as on my Furquin el Ferret FB page.
    Don’t forget to plaster those “Lost Ferret” posters all over, and distribute them especially in vets’ offices and maybe even in shelters nearby, in case someone finds Turbo and takes him to one.
    Fingers crossed you find him soon!

  3. I’ve lost my ferret!!! She got out of our cage in the garage and left really early, I live in Euless Tx my Name is Britain Goddard and it’s very hot pls message me if you see her… White Female her name is Sadie Contact: 307 690-5926

  4. Oh Britain – so sorry to hear that Sadie went walkabout.
    Get the squeaky toy and squeak all around your house and garden. Get those flyers out into your neighbors’ mailboxes, into as many vets’ clinics and ferret shelters, if you have some nearby, and don’t give up hope!
    When our kids were living with us, every one of the ferrets went out the front door and we got every one of them back. Sometimes it took a couple of days, with one of my sable girls it took almost a week because a kind hearted soul found her and drove her to a ferret vet about 30km away! I only knew about it when I went to another vet clinic nearby to hand in a flyer and the receptionist told me about it!
    Hope you find her soon!

  5. Gennie … where are you in the world? I am so sorry that you lost Bandita but please remember all the tips I gave to try and find a lost ferret.
    * Squeak all around your house/flat.
    * Go and put flyers in all your neighbors’ mailboxes and, if possible, tell them Bandita’s gone missing.
    * Give the flyers to all the vets/shelters/pounds in your neighbourhood.
    DO NOT GIVE UP! If you keep looking, I’m sure you’ll find her!
    Fingers crossed and good luck!

  6. I found a flyer with a picture of her on it and called in and they asked for a picture.I don’t have one what do I do to prove she’s my little bandita?

  7. Woot! \o/ Gennie I’m thrilled to hear your news!
    Big hugs to Bandita when you get her home again ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. So…tonight my husband and I were in his shop and we had the door open. This ferret just walked on into the shop. Smells like perfume so we know he is owned. My husband rode his bike around the neighborhood to see if anyone was looking for it but nothing turned up. We gave him a raw egg and some water. It didn’t seem interested in the food yet. He is in the cat crate right now in the shop. We are going to put out signs tomorrow. Any suggestions on if his owner doesn’t call? I have 4 dogs & 2 cats right now. I am worried about taking on another animal. Should I just let him go back into the woods? Should we be concerned about disease? rabies or something. He just sniffed my foot but we did not touch him. let me know your thoughts. thanks!

  9. Hi Sheryl
    Sorry to have taken a while to reply – yesterday was a busy day with the family ๐Ÿ™
    Please don’t let the ferret go back into the woods – they can’t survive in the wild ๐Ÿ™ Could you perhaps contact a ferret shelter nearby to take him, or even ask a vet if they could take him.
    He sounds like someone’s pet and is obviously a sweetheart, so it’d be great if he could be rehomed if his original owners don’t want him.
    However maybe he somehow got out of his owner’s house and they’re anxious about getting him back?
    Are there any houses around your husband’s shop where you could perhaps put flyers into the mailboxes to say you’ve found a ferret?
    If that’s too much trouble, perhaps just tell the vet that you found him in case his owners call?
    Here’s a list of shelters on the American Ferret Association’s page …


    If you want a ferret vet, you’ll find a list of them in different states here …


    Hopefully there will be a happy ending for your little visitor ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Michelle – read what I wrote to other people who lost their ferrets and do what I suggest!
    * Squeak the squeaky around your house to see if your ferret might be hiding nearby.
    * Make sure you print out flyers and plaster them around your neighbourhood.
    * Make sure you’ve told all the vet clinics & pounds around your neighbourhood so that they’ll be aware if a ferret is brought into their place.
    * Put a cage outside with your ferret’s bedding, food and water in case it returns.
    And whatever you do, do NOT give up!
    I hope you’ll find your little friend safe and sound and your mother will be so relieved!
    Fingers and toes crossed your baby comes back home!!
    Good luck!

  11. i just lost my ferret 2 days ago’s and i just need some advice on finding him
    i live on a farm with heaps of trees and mini ferns.

  12. Oh Shayne – that’s awful ๐Ÿ™
    Get a squeaky and squeak long and loud to see if your ferret will come. Most ferrets do react when they hear the squeaky so fingers crossed that he hasn’t roamed too far and will react.
    Did you have him in a cage? Can you leave the cage outside with his bedding, his food and water, so that if he’s around, he will smell something familiar and hopefully will curl up in his bedding?
    Do put up flyers in town, tell the vet/pound or pet store in town about your ferret and leave flyers there so that other people will see.
    I hope that you’ll be reunited with your little guy soon and this will all just be a faint bad memory.
    Sending you lots of good wishes for a happy outcome!

  13. My first ferrets were 2 year old rescues, at one point the little girl (less than a pound she was tiny) got lost, we looked everywhere and put posters all over, turns out someone saw her running around with us and stole her. He returned her after seeing the posters (after having her for a couple weeks, and deciding not to keep her.) After that she made sure neither her or her brother (4 pounds of submissivness) ever got lost again, and before that, I had them taught a “home” command, and even though we moved a good 7 times while I owned them, they always knew their way back to my door. Maybe you could try that? always say “home” before heading back when on walks or whatever your doing. Every ferret I’ve had has picked up the command.

  14. We lost Bob our ferret in the house , we could hear him walk inside the wall . He was at the third floor and last time we heard he was going down in the basement . We dont know if he can go up or if he is stock somewhere !? we already made a whole in the wall so we don t want to brake all the house down !

  15. Oh Michele! I hope you manage to find where Bob is and get him out! What a terrible thing to happen – you poor guys and poor Bob ๐Ÿ™
    Maybe if you hear him in one spot you can squeak the squeaky and try to lead him towards a spot where there’s already an opening in the wall/ceiling, like an extractor fan or ceiling light. If you can get the object out and leave the hole exposed, just keep squeaking to get Bob to come towards the noise and, hopefully, he’ll find the opening and get through!
    I really, really hope you can figure something out to get Bob back!

  16. My ferret walked out idk how when I just opened the door for a bit and next thing you know he’s gone I went out side with his toy and nothing yet since it’s snowing I’m afraid he can freeze to death ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  17. Cris, I can only suggest you do what I told the others to do. Squeak a squeaky toy, call him, put a cat carrier or box outside with his bedding and some food and water. Tell the neighbours, put flyers up, tell the vets and the pound in your area, and DON’T GIVE UP HOPE!

  18. Thanks so much for posting that, Joe! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’ve also put it up on both my FB pages so fingers crossed that the owner gets reunited with his ferret soon!!
    I see that the Motor City Ferrets website has a page about lost ferrets – I don’t know if the owner would think of calling them but maybe you could advise them that you’ve found a ferret? Sorry, but being an Aussie, I have no idea where Novi is or if MCF have a ferret rescue team, like our West Australian Ferret Society has!


    I see there’s also a site called the West Michigan Ferret Connection …


    Maybe they’d be closer to Novi than MCF???
    But thanks again for taking the time out to post that information here. I hope the little fuzzbut gets reunited with his owner as soon as possible!
    Hope you and your family (and pets) all have a great Christmas and a truly wonderful New Year ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Had a sitter for my bandit while I went into labor and adjust the baby schedule for a couple days and they lost him. I have been bawling my eyes out everyday since. It’s currently 33 degrees where he lives and today will be day 4 and the weather report says it’s going to be 44 and raining. I got discharged from the hospital yesterday and went straight over to the sitters to call out for him. I left some of my clothes for a familiar sent and left food in some tough to reach places. Gave the sitter flyers to put in everyone’s mailbox and tomorrow I’m headed down again to give it a shot along with my 9 year old daughter (who’s taking it hard but so much stronger then me) Called shelters and rescues. This is so hard.

    The sitter last know location for him was on Juniper Road in Holbrook MA

  20. Can you get friends to squeak around the house? Your Bandit might be hiding somewhere nearby and if he reacts to the squeaky, he might just appear!
    It might take a few days but I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you’ll be reunited!
    Don’t give up hope :/

  21. We let my ferrets outside while watching them. We will put them at the bottom of our front yard (We live on a hill btw) and they will ALL run up the hill trying to get back around the house. Sometimes we will put them at certain places and they will just sniff around or dig though. They like the outdoors. When I am outside holding a ferret, it gets all hyper and energetic. Then if I step inside, it immediatly calms down. Magic lol

  22. Your ferrets sound like a great bunch, Aaliyah! Wonderful that they know to come inside – I’ve only had one who came back to the house when he went walkabout without my knowledge!
    He banged on our security door around 2am and we thought it was one of our cats. My husband turned on the porch light to look out but couldn’t see anything so came back to bed.
    There was more banging and again my husband couldn’t see who was making the noise but when it happened for the 3rd time, my husband looked right down to the bottom of the door and saw CJ standing there patiently to be let in! I was astounded as I didn’t even know he wasn’t inside the house, all thanks to our absent-minded teenagers ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    I was very impressed with your comment about your ferret calming down once you bring it into your house!
    They really are such super intelligent little guys, aren’t they ๐Ÿ˜€
    Big hugs to your “business” from their new friends down under ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. My baby Leo got out ,got a call from a gal said she took him to the human society went there and no Leo live in Phoenix please help

  24. Dawn, please read what I’ve written to others who lost their ferrets and…
    * Squeak the squeaky around your house to see if your ferret might be hiding nearby.
    * Make sure you print out flyers and plaster them around your neighbourhood.
    * Make sure youโ€™ve told all the vet clinics & pounds around your neighbourhood so that theyโ€™ll be aware if a ferret is brought into their place.
    * Put a cage outside with your ferretโ€™s bedding, food and water in case it returns.
    And whatever you do, do NOT give up!
    I hope youโ€™ll find your little friend safe and sound and your mother will be so relieved!
    Fingers and toes crossed your baby comes back home!!
    Good luck!

  25. my ferret tiger escaped from her cage at night but luckily she didn’t leave the property but the next morning my step dad found her outside wet and cold she escaped 4 more times after that but now she cant get out in the night because we put some cable ties around the bit she was escaping from. any way sorry this has nothing to do with anything but would you be able to tell me why my ferrets would be sleeping near their litter tray and not in their sleeping box?? sorry for being annoying but I just wanted to know

  26. Your ferrets might be sleeping in their litter tray because it’s too clean! If you just remove the poop but leave the litter in the tray, it will smell like a litter tray so that will put them off sleeping in it … or so I’ve read! Or are they sleeping in a dirty tray? You didn’t say!
    As I’ve always had free roam ferrets, I’m not really the best person to answer your question ๐Ÿ™
    I found this on Yahoo! Answers and it seems to make sense …

    First, what kind of litter are you using? You need to use Yesterday’s News (or something similar) – cheaper in the cat aisle than in the small animal aisle of your local store.

    Second, what kind of litter pans do you have? The square ones are better, and it needs to be big enough for it’s entire body to get into, and very short in the front. These lock on to the cage to prevent it from being moved and are excellent: http://www.ferret.com/item/marshall-ferret-litter-pan/650737/

    Third, when it poops, scoop the poop and put it in the corner of the litterbox and leave it there for a day. Keep scooping poop and putting it in the litterbox. Clean the spots where the poop was well so there is no more poop smell there. Sooner or later, the ferret will learn that this is the spot to poop.

    Fourth – get it some more bedding maybe. Take old sweatpants and sweatshirt, cut them in two, so the fluffy inside can be exposed, and lay them in the cage all over (except in the litterbox). The ferret will see this as nice soft cuddly places, not poop places, and start to respect and enjoy a cleaner environment.

    Fifth – how many hours a day does it get out of the cage? A happy ferret is a clean ferret – they need at least 4 hours a day out of their cage, and playing with YOU! Ferrets are very sociable, and they learn to love their humans very quickly, and they’ll become sad and angry if they don’t get enough attention. You’ll need to ferretproof a room (no wires to chew, no holes to escape, no recliners, legs off the couches and upholstered chairs). And just play with it – it’ll start running, dancing, jumping, and playing great games with you. Get a cardboard box, and fill it with plastic grocery bags – they love this. Take an old sock, put a tennis ball inside, and tie a knot in the top – they’ll chase it, drag it around. And tubes – get tubes it can run through – they love tubes – 4inch PVC pipe works well, and dryer duct hose.


    You’re not being annoying – I’m very happy to answer any of your questions, wherever I can ๐Ÿ˜€

    Am very glad that you found Tiger! It really is so scary when a ferret goes walkabout! My hair turns grey every time but I’m happy to say that since our kids left home, we’ve never had a missing ferret!! Phew! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Lost Ralph on July 18 in the Crofton MD area. It’s been over 2 weeks, and he is still missing. Is it possible that he is still alive? We are in a heavily wooded area. Would a raccoon eat a ferret? I know there are some in the woods. We tried all the tips provided.

  28. Oh Linda
    I am so sorry to hear about Ralph ๐Ÿ™
    I have heard of ferrets being found months later but that was in the city – I’m afraid I haven’t heard of how many were found if they got lost in the bush or other similar areas.
    As for raccoons, I’m sorry I have no idea as we don’t have raccoons in Australia. Here we have lots of snakes and poisonous spiders which do find their way into suburbia though!
    I honestly have no idea what to suggest after two weeks. I would still leave his bedding outside with food to see if he does return, and I would also try squeaking as far away from your home as possible, just in case he found somewhere to hunker down.
    Are there any wildlife rescuers near to where you live who could offer advice or help?
    Is there a nearby town where Ralph might have found his way to? I have heard of a ferret travelling for many, many miles in our city, which is a big sprawling place a bit like L.A. He was lost in a suburb called Armadale and was found in Rockingham, a suburb way down south.
    We were totally bemused at how this ferret managed to travel 24 miles (40km) and arrive safely. I don’t know if someone found this ferret in its home suburb and took it down to Rockingham and then the ferret got out again or what but it was a heck of a journey if the ferret did it by itself ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    I’ve copied the journey and will attach the .jpg below, just to give you a better idea of distances!
    Please don’t give up.
    Think who else you might be able to contact to help and just make sure every vet clinic around your area has a poster about Ralph, in case someone did find him in the woods and took him to another town.
    Sending many positive vibes for a happy outcome and for Ralph to be returned to you soon! DesiSmileys.com

    Attached image:

  29. Last night two of my ferrets escaped in Washington NJ, Warren county. I didn’t realize the back door to my house wasn’t closed all the way and they pushed it open and got out. It’s been about 15 hours now. i found one pretty quickly in my yard, but the other one is still missing. I looked all over the neighborhood for hours last night and couldn’t find her, but I got called in to work for a few hours and had to stop looking around 1am. I asked my neighbors to keep an eye out for her and put a car carrier outside with her hammock and some food in it. She is about 6 months old, all white with red eyes, very friendly and energetic. The Animal control officer is only part time in my town and doesn’t really do anything other than give people tickets for dog licenses. I am really worried about her and will offer a reward if someone in my area finds her.

  30. Jim, I’ve copied your post and shared it on my FB page. Hopefully there’ll be someone in your neighbourhood who’ll keep their eyes open!
    Fingers crossed you find your little girl ASAP! DesiSmileys.com

  31. I recently adopted a ferret from the vets after it’d been attacked by something like a dog/cat/fox. They don’t know who his owners were but he was an obvious pet because he was litter trained and extremely friendly.
    He’s been up my Aunties house until we got everything ready as they had a spare hutch. I came over yesterday for the first time to see him, all i did was hold him and stoked him for awhile and then I went to put him back in the hutch.
    But he kept trying to crawl out and he stepped on to the ground which I thought (as an inexperienced ferret owner) that was okay and I could just play with him there.
    But I was unfamiliar of their garden and he managed to slip out of complete sight in a matter of seconds. The garden has several holes that he could’ve squeezed through which end up in different gardens all throughout. It’s also opposite a mountainside too.
    We put some food out and left the hutch open and checked frequently throughout the day and night but to no avail. He still hasn’t come back and he won’t have any homing instinct because he’s only been here two days and has been moved all over the place, i honestly don’t know what to do now.

  32. Hi Ffion
    Any luck with your rescue yet?
    I’m afraid I can’t give you any more advice than I’ve already said so all I can do is say that I have fingers and toes crossed that you get him back safe and sound ๐Ÿ™
    Can you leave flyers in the other people’s houses nearby? Is there a vet where your aunt lives where you can leave flyers?
    Please read up on my suggestions and do whatever you can to make as many people around your aunt’s house aware of the lost ferret.
    Maybe walk around the house and squeak a squeaky toy. Some ferrets come running when they hear the squeaks so perhaps your boy will too if he’s lurking nearby.
    Wishing you all the very best!

  33. I’m so sorry to hear that, Melinda ๐Ÿ™
    If you’ve put out a lot of flyers and spoken to all the vets around town, you never know … you might find someone will bring your boy home to you again!
    I hope that will be the case ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. My daughter’s ferret got outside this morning between a 3 hour timespan early morning. Coco is her emotional support animal for her severe anxiety. I am just distraught as well as my daughter.
    We live in Wisconsin and it will be an unusually warm weekend. 55 but will get down to 37 at night. Will she survive in this cold?? I have allowed her to play on the porch so she is familiar with it. Put out her kennel with fave blanket with warmer and food. I’ve put up flyers all over the area as well as pet stores, vet clinics and animal hospitals. Called rescues and shelters. Placed Craigslist ad. Search party scoured entire block including sewers and drain pipes as soon as discovered with her fave chirpy toy and found nothing. I’ve spent all day searching for her. I am terrified she will get eaten by a hawk or eagle. We live in the city. I am just sick. Is there anything else I can do?

  35. Nicole, squeaking is usually the best way to alert a ferret to come to you. Have you tried that rather than a chirpy toy? Something loud, very loud!
    Don’t give up hope. Squeak a lot, put her cage out with bedding, food and water, and I hope she’ll come back.
    You’ve done everything possible so now I guess we just pray that it all works out and your ferret returns home.
    Sending you masses of positive vibes for a good outcome!

  36. Our baby CoCo was found 10 miles away after 6 days in the ‘urban/suburban jungle”!! I fell on my knees crying when I got the call. The staff at the Humane Society thought someone picked her up and had her for a few days because she was in such good shape for being gone that long. However, the police department that brought her in confirmed she was found in someone’s garage. I have no idea she could travel that far avoiding traffic & predators, survive freezing nights and find enough food on her own. On day 2 I found her paw prints in the mud and was able to follow her path a bit. I was surprised to see how clever she was. Coco used the sides of buildings, under evergreens, rows of park benches and picnic tables for cover She also stayed near the river for water and often went towards the outskirts of well traveled walking trails. She never responded to her squeaky toy but could be because I was out of range. She never liked it anyway but I understand they hear at a much higher decibel and you have more noise outside to compete with. Good suggestion. She came back to us a bit dirty, tired, with a few whiskers askew but otherwise OK. As soon as she was brought out she started shaking with excitement and upon homecoming her cage mate tackled her with joy. All the other ferrets were bouncing around her like popcorn welcoming her back home chittering. It was adorable. For those that think they are just about to give up because most websites state ferrets will NOT survive past 3-4 days on their own please ignore. My entire neighborhood rallied around us and was so supportive. It was really inspiring. Never underestimate how capable your fuzzie is or the generosity of strangers!

  37. Nicole, that really is the BEST news ever!!! I am so very happy that you got your little girl back in good shape and thank you for letting me know.
    When people post about their lost babies here I do worry about them and often wonder if there was a happy ending to their stories. Am so relieved to know that yours was happy!


  38. My ferret is lost in my house and it’s going on day 2 I’m about to loose my mind I love Sophia Grace so much โค๏ธPlease can you help me I can’t stop crying she is a year old and my only friend โค๏ธI’m gonna go crazy if I don’t get my little stinker back โค๏ธ

  39. Sheila, get a loud squeaky and squeak around the house. Most ferrets respond to that so listen carefully – she might be locked in a room or maybe she’s trapped somewhere! You might hear her scratching.
    Are you sure she didn’t get out of the house? If you think she might have escaped, please follow the suggestions on this page. Also take a look at all the other comments and use those ideas to alert the public that your Sophia Grace is missing.
    Don’t give up! You can read that last comment about the lady who got her ferret back after a few days – just think positive and do everything you can to find her!
    Good luck – all positive vibes are being send to you for a happy outcome โค๏ธ

  40. Hello I live in Georgia. My ferret is no where to be found in the house and it has been almost 24 hours since i last saw her. It has been believe she escaped through the dryer either late at night or early this morning. She has never been outside for more than 4mins and there are woods all in my backyard. The neighbors haven’t seen her and I’ve been shaking her toys all day everywhere. There are sewers along the streets and a lake in the woods. Please let me know where to look. Will she mostlikly be in the woods or in the neighborhood.

  41. When ever she managed to escape from the house she would run in the bushes in the front of the house. She has been in the front of the house more than the back however the dryer escape hole is facing the side of the house 4 feet away from the woods. The woods have giant holes but i have never seen a rabbit or snake since I’ve been living here ( I drove around looking for her and there was a rabbit on the other side of the neighborhood but the woods are seperated from the ones in mine. I do not have a printer nor does anyone close to me to print out posters so I’ll have to wait till Monday to do so. She has never really been on her own, living with 2 dogs and another ferrets. And i haven’t had her long enough to really know her sleeping schedule ( had her for only a month now)

  42. Okay, sorry for all the comments I just really want to provide you with the most information as possible. I live in the city but deer and rabbits are common. She’s brown with a pink nose and black eyes. I also own chickens so the clucking should help but then again she hasn’t had much experience at all with being outside. I truly believe she is in the woods some where but i dont hear any russling I only looked about 10 feet from the house in the woods. I knocked on the nearest 8 houses with only 5 answering most didn’t know what a ferret was. Its too hot for her to be outside but it rained for a couple of mins so i hope that helped. There was a cage she is familiar with already outside along with water before she escaped. I’m leaving my garage door cracked just incase she stubbles back during the night. I just can’t do this anymore if she isn’t found then this will be the 4th pet I’ve lost this year with the others dying of old age.

  43. Oh Phaith, I am so sorry to hear of your ferret’s disappearance ๐Ÿ™
    To be honest, I don’t know where she would go since I’ve only been a suburb dweller in my life, never having lived near to woods or other country areas.
    Do you know if she will react to a squeaky toy? I know some ferrets don’t but all of mine get very jazzed up when they hear the squeaky and come running. That is all I can think of as you’re doing everything else which you should.
    I pray you find her safe and well – fingers, toes and all other extremities crossed ๐Ÿ™
    GOOD LUCK! DesiSmileys.com

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