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Please note that I am always happy to reply to any queries or comments you send but if you’re writing to ask me a question about your ferret’s health, please remember that I live in Australia so if you’re in the States or the UK, I won’t get your email till I wake up. Then by the time I reply, it’ll be your night – that means we’ve wasted 24 hours due to time differences.

Ferrets can go downhill pretty rapidly so if you think that your ferret is unwell, PLEASE don’t write to me to ask what I think.

Take it to the vet asap and get it checked out so that you’re sure that there’s nothing wrong with it. Just a day or so can mean the difference between life and death for your ferret!

However if you do want to write to me, then please send an email to

furquin.el.ferret AT

Thank you 😀


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  1. I have recently acquired ferret #4. This has been about two weeks since Rossi joined our family. Since then, I’ve noticed that the litterbox smells like a dead animal. I clean the litterbox everyday and make sure there’s clean food and water daily as well, but the smell is unmistakable. Rossi is due for his vaccinations in about a month and I will pass this onto the vet, but until then is there anything I can do? Everyone’s poop looks normal and they are acting like normal fuzzies, it’s just the smell. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Hi Brandi – is Rossi eating the same food as he got from his previous owner? Just wondering if he might be having a slight stomach upset by the change in kibble? American owners have told me that Marshall Ferret Food can make a ferret’s poop smell really stinky. Also IBD can make a stressed ferret’s poop smelly so maybe Rossi has a mild case of that and having come to a new home, it’s triggered it?

    It might be an idea to get a good probiotic and give it to him to see if that will settle his stomach and help to reduce the smell. It certainly wouldn’t hurt him 🙂

    Good luck and I hope the cause of his smelly poop isn’t due to a medical problem! Hugs to your awesome foursome from their new buddies down under 😀


  3. Hi, so glad I found your site. I’ve got 3 ferrets, 2 boys and a girl, Dolly. We dont know the ages of any of them. They live outside in a massive aviary but come inside every day to play. Since the new year Dolly has occasionally fallen over, maybe 2-3 times a month. At all other times she’s fine, eats, drinks, doesnt play so much, the boys play really rough, but she potters around the house. Today she’s eaten well, drunk and been up and down the stairs but i just checked on them now they’re all alseep in their pen and I noticed she’s dribbling and her eyes look watery. I searched the internet for ideas but nothing seems to match, any clue?
    Many thanks : )

  4. Hi Andrea

    I fear that your Dolly has insulinoma 🙁 Take a look at the symptoms on this page and if you think that’s what she’s got, then please take her to a ferret vet for treatment. They can’t cure this awful disease but will put her on prednisolone and that should lessen the symptoms.

    If she only eats dry food, you might want to try and give her a more “raw” diet as I’ve heard that also helps. My guys totally refuse to eat raw, as such. If I give them chicken wings, they will stash them in my underwear drawer – very thoughtful of them but not something I appreciate! LOL! 😀 I give them a plate of turkey mince at night when we put them in our bathroom and they seem to like that. They are so picky as they won’t touch chicken mince, or chopped chicken thighs, nor do they like red meat. I don’t know if your babies will be as fussy as mine but keep trying and hopefully you’ll pick something they love 🙂 If you do try them on fresh meat, please make sure they don’t stash bits around their aviary as it could cause problems if they eat it when it goes off.

    You might also want to think of giving Dolly some supplements to keep her immune system as strong as possible. I’ve written out my smoothie recipe on my Natural Remedies page as one of my girls has adrenal gland disease ATM and the smoothie keeps her going!

    Hugs to Dolly and your boys from their new buddies down under 😀


  5. Hello, from the USA. I have 2 ferrets My male is a albino I bought for a buddie for my female. She is the (racoon colors) she came with a large cage from a family that moved out the of house that I just bought poor thing was not taken care of properly. She was covered in fleas. Which I finally got her free of. My male was at the pet store for so long he was already an adult when I rescued him.The store said no one wanted him because they thought he was evil due to his red eyes. Lucky for me. right .I’m always rescuing animals of all types. Animals give unconditional love. I am a veteran of the USNavy. I was sexually assaulted while in the service by my on command. Because of it I am disabled. I become a prisoner of my own home. Because no matter where i work or go men can’t think with their big head once the little head takes over they get stuip. Anyway to make a long story short, I want to raise Ferrets I have so many friends wanting my Ferrets and knowing the joy and peace they give me I’d like to share this with other vets. My Male does the war dance with me all the time. He likes taking my bras and hiding them from me. My female likes to hide my phone chargers i put in baggies to keep them from tangleing. how can I find Ferrets that havn’t been fixed? Or at least a very young ferret just weaned. My ferrets do not like to snuggle just war dance with me. Please help, and if you ever need dry ferret food let me know we have plenty here. Thanks Kelly from Illinois.

  6. Hi there Kelly! Great to hear from you 😀

    I totally agree with you … animals do give us unconditional love and I don’t understand people who don’t feel that! No idea how people could let go of their dogs/cats/ferrets (and other animals) which have been living with them for maybe years like trash 🙁

    Your dynamic duo were so lucky to have you to look after 🙂 They certainly landed on their feet with you giving them their forever home!

    If you want to have whole ferrets then I would guess you should ask breeders in the US if you could get one. I honestly don’t know if breeders will allow you to get a whole ferret – they might insist that you sterilize your ferret once they become old enough – but, again, I don’t know what their rules would be. I made a list on this page …

    but, to be honest, I don’t know how up-to-date the information is 😮 Hopefully it’s still current so I’d suggest you email the one closest to where you live and ask them all the questions you need to. I really hope you’ll get the right answers 😀

    Thank you so much for your offer of dry ferret food – I do appreciate it but don’t think our customs people would, plus it’d cost an arm and a leg to get it mailed to Australia :/

    Don’t forget, Kelly, we have a fun group of ferret lovers on my forum so if you feel like chatting more, please join us there!! Would love to be able to talk more with you and hear more about your dynamic duo! Hugs to your little guys from my gang down under 🙂


  7. Need to know what can be used safely to kill fleas on my ferrets 5 vets in my town and none know anything about ferrets

  8. Hi Ronnie
    I used Revolution when I had a flea infestation and it worked like a charm.
    I believe the Revolution Cat (5-15lbs) is recommended by US vets but our vet here in Oz told me to get a Large Dog (40-85lb) packet and to use 10 drops each for my boys, and 8 drops each for my girls. I put the drops in an old spoon, sucked it up with a clean syringe and then squirted it onto my guys.
    Just one pipette worked for 6 ferrets so was cheaper than using one pipette of the Cat for each of my guys.
    I have collars on all my ferrets so I put the drops under where the collar would lie rather than between the shoulder blades as I didn’t want another ferret to lick that spot.
    If you put it between the shoulder blades, it would be best to keep the ferrets separated until their fur dried.
    If your house needs a flea bomb, please make sure you vacuum your floors once you get back inside before letting your pets run around.
    Whatever you do, do NOT put flea collars on your babies!! Too dangerous as if another ferret licks the collar, it could prove fatal 🙁
    This article would be good for you to read …
    flea control for ferrets written by Dr Susan Brown on the VIN website.
    Cheers 🙂

  9. Thank you will try the revolution just so much Miss information out there wanted to here from experience also have read the article. Again thanks for the info.

  10. Hello!

    First of all thanks for this amazing information on website! Well I`m from Brazil and here we have a very poor knowledge about ferrets and we also don`t have any veterinary specialized in Ferrets… so I really appreciate if you can give me special attention… I’m with 2 ferrets and they have a very different behaviors. The female is very sweetie and always come to be close to me but the male is getting even more unsociable with any “human”. He came after the female and when he came he was biting us a lot and I used the “no” method and he stopped biting but now I don’t know how to make him sweetie… I can only have him in my arms when he is waking up or very tired after so many hours playing… can you suggest any method to make him less “unsociable”? yesterday I notice a black spot in his teeth when he was yawning and I`m worried if this can be a “carie”. They only eat feed (Nutropica)… can he get carie? Another doubt is do you know what is the dosage of Omega 3 (EPA + DHA) recommended to ferrets?

    thanks a lot once again!

  11. Hi Cyntia – thank you so much for your comments about my site. I am so glad that you found it useful 🙂
    YES! Ferrets can get tooth decay (caries) and the pain will make the poor ferret very unhappy, just like with humans.
    I had three males with bad teeth and after the vet fixed the problem, they were much happier 🙂 Mind you, it’s expensive here in Australia – it seems that each tooth cost me about A$50 to pull out/clean, so when my rescue BEW, Spook, had 6 teeth removed, it was A$300 😮
    Re the Omega 3 dose – I give my guys a few drops of krill oil in their smoothie, together with other supplements, and they seem to find it very beneficial so I’m sure that your ferrets will too 🙂
    I only have one ferret vet on my page for Brazil…

    so if you have the names of other good vets, I would really appreciate you telling me so that I can add them 🙂
    Big hugs to your ferrets from their new friends down under!

  12. Hi, yesterday the keeper handed in a ferret because he knew that we had lost a couple the ferret wasn’t ours but it was unhealthy so we took it in,
    It is very skinny and nervous and it couldn’t walk on it’s right front leg, also it is sleepy all of the time.
    what should I do?

  13. Oh Daisy, I would suggest you take it to a (ferret) vet to be checked out.
    The poor little thing might have broken its front leg, or damaged it somehow, and it might also have been either lost or abandoned for quite a while and that’s why it’s skinny and nervous.
    If the vet fixes it up and you decide to keep it, I feel sure that a lot of TLC will help to make it less nervous and, once it feels safe and relaxed with you, it’ll put on weight and be a happy member of your family.
    Big hugs to all your babies but especially this poor little thing from their new friends down under 🙂

  14. Hi! I just got a 7 month old boy, he free runs whenever I or my boyfriend are home, and only goes in his cage when we’re sleeping or gone. Do you think it’ll be hard to potty train him? I spend almost 24/7 at home, and stay up till about 6am and wake up around 1pm so he isn’t in there terribly long. I put his food in there and I plan to put news paper on top of the tshirts away from his food and water.
    Also I have out door cats that bring in fleas, do you think my best bet would be a vet for treatment or do you know anything I can order? Thank you!

  15. Oooh Cheyenne – I honestly don’t know how good your boy will be re potty training. Some ferrets take to being taught without any problems while other ferrets are stubborn as anything and refuse to do what they know they should! 😮
    I hope your boy is the former but only you will know if he’s open to your training or not 🙂
    I’ve used one single use tube of Revolution for Cats 5-15lb on each ferret and the fleas disappeared, however it’s been suggested that the ferret should be tested for heartworm before getting the Revolution. Since we don’t live in a heartworm area, it didn’t worry me but you might want to think about that if you do live where heartworm is prevalent.
    You might also find this article interesting – just scroll down to “Ferrets” …

    Hope that’s been of some help 🙂
    Hugs to your little guy from his new buddies down under!

  16. I managed to potty train him after 2 out of cage accidents!:-)
    But I’ve noticed he’s a biter, do you have any advice? The woman I got him from says hes 7 months old and I’ve tried scruffing but he doesn’t seem to comprehend that — also he’s deaf so he can’t hear my tone or even me say anything haha. I’m really patient with him and don’t strike or flick, so maybe he’s just stubborn?

    Thank you so much! — your nebraska friends

  17. Hi Cheyenne
    I’ve never had a deaf ferret so I’m not sure what to suggest 🙁
    If he could hear, I’d suggest putting something like Bitter Apple on your hand so that he could equate your saying “No Biting” with the unpleasant taste on your hand.
    I’d suggest you check out this page written by an old timer ferret owner who’s had experience with deaf ferrets. She has a lot of advice about training with a laser, etc, so hopefully you’ll find something to help you with training your little guy 🙂

    Cheers 😀

  18. Thanks for a brilliant site. My husband went for a walk with the dogs 2 nights ago and found a skinny little abandoned ferret in the woods in a box. The lid of the box had been left open but the little fella wouldn’t get out. My husband bought him home and I have been on a steep learning curve about ferrets ever since (a bit ocd about researching things!). Quite a change for me as I am a a bit of a reptile nut! Anyhoo, stuck a quick 4ft vivarium together for him as a stop gap and as soon as the shops opened on Sunday, went and got the necessary food ect, picking up his new house later on today. He has been named Clint and he has stolen our hearts, we are going to work really hard to settle him in with our lizards/dogs/cats, get his nuts chopped off and fatten him up. If all goes according to plan then we will be taking him to a ferret rescue place to choose a friend in a month or two. Fate has be very kind to us bringing this beautiful little boy into our lives. 🙂

  19. I am so glad you found my site useful, Rebecca 😀
    Clint is one very lucky ferret to have been found by your husband but how rotten of his previous owners to just abandon him in a box in the woods! Grrrr >:(
    It seems like he’s already wrapped himself in your heartstrings and you’ll understand how wonderful and engaging these little guys are! They are so special and bring so much love and laughter into their owners’ lives 😀
    Big hugs to Clint from his new friends down under and I am SO glad that he found such a great forever home! “Onya!” as we say in Oz (short for “good on ya”) 🙂

  20. Hi
    There is something funny happening with the forum.
    When I try to log on the login page throws up errors messages.
    After logging in, it tells me login has been successful, but then I can’t actually do anything as I’m apparently not really logged on.

  21. Hi Michael
    Yes, there’s something wrong with the forum. I can’t post anything if I’m in Chrome or Firefox but can when I use IE as my browser.
    We don’t have any workmates who know phpBB so Philip has to find someone to do the work for us.
    Will keep you up-to-date about what’s happening and I apologise for the glitch 🙁

    PS Have you tried logging on with a different browser to see if it lets you?

  22. Michael – the forum has been repaired and is working properly again. Please take a look and let us know how you and your gang are doing 🙂

  23. Hello! I’ve commented here before about my little man Charlie and it helped a lot so I’m back with another question. About a week after we got him we came to the conclusion he was deaf, he didn’t respond to any form of sound, only vibration. Now we’ve had him since about July and have been cleaning his ears every 3 weeks, since about a or so ago he’s been getting spooked and I turned on the hand held mini vacuum and he was the first one to get spooked and not Frank our other ferret that we know can hear (he was sleeping and continued to sleep). He was also very affectionate towards me and since I’ve noticed him being able to slightly hear (at least what it seems to me) he hides whenever I or anyone tries to interact with him.

    Does any of this make sense? I’m very confused and we miss our sweet boy.

    Attached image:

  24. Hi Cheyenne
    Your Charlie is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for sharing his photo with me! ❤️ Eeek – I could squeeze him to pieces 😀
    I don’t know why Charlie’s hiding now instead of being his old affectionate self- that doesn’t really make sense, does it?
    I would suggest you make time to hold him so that you can stroke him and while doing so, just tell him he’s a lovely little guy and you love him, etc, etc. Hopefully hearing your soothing voice might just make him realise you’re the good guy and not to be frightened.
    Perhaps when he was deaf he was happy in his silent cocoon but now that his hearing is better, he obviously is getting spooked by the sounds.
    I honestly don’t know if that will work but I hope it will! Just make him feel secure and loved and I’m sure your little guy will turn back into his old affectionate self 🙂
    Big hugs to Charlie and Frank!

  25. Thank you so much! As I was posting that last night he gave me a big kiss on my hand, that’s the first kiss he’s given me since he’s been spooked. My momma kitty was killed the other day by a pitbull and she left behind 4 kittens, Frank tries rough housing them (probably because Charlies more dominant and he knows the kittens aren’t), but Charlie has been super affectionate towards them and it makes my heart melt. I’m so happy they’re getting love from our more dominant baby. My boyfriend also said thank you for being so responsive, he knows how hard it’s been for me since my momma cat died and we both really appreciate the advice, I was very scared after my momma cat died that first I lost her and now I was losing the love of my Charlie.

    Thank you so much.

  26. Oh Cheyenne – I’m so very sorry to hear about your momma cat :'( I can imagine how distressed you must have been but how lovely that Charlie is being the big brother! What a sweet, sweet boy!
    It was lovely to hear that he gave you a kiss – he sounds like a real sweetheart and I’m really glad that he’s back to being his affectionate self again 😀
    I put this link up on my Furquin’s Ferrets page on FB a couple of days ago. I don’t know if you’re on FB so have already seen it but I thought you’d find this a lovely article!

    I’m really glad that I could be of some help to you guys 🙂
    Best wishes

  27. I saw that article a day or so before my poor baby was killed. I loved it so much and didn’t think it would be relevant until that happened. Thank you so much for all your help, I appreciate the reinsurance and advice.

  28. Hi
    I just tried accessing the forum and got a message saying the domain name has expired.
    Just thought I’d let you know.

  29. Thanks for the heads up, Michael! I tried getting onto the forum this morning but got a message to say there was difficulty accessing the page so I thought it was the (slow) internet’s fault.
    Philip got his wallet pickpocketed last month and he forgot to give the hosting/domain companies his new card number! Silly billy 😛
    He’s corrected the mistake so hopefully you’ll be able to get on soon 🙂

  30. Hi I’m Daniel.
    I wonder if mustela navilis is recommended for person (child) with low immunity.

  31. Hi Daniel
    I really don’t think a least weasel would be a good pet for a child – they’re very small, very fast and their teeth are very sharp!
    Have you seen the video of someone’s pet weasel on YouTube? You can see Ozzy the weasel playing with his owner and while I’m sure he’s not biting hard on the guy’s finger, it wouldn’t be good for a child to have a weasel clamping down on their finger 😮

  32. Hi Julian
    Thank you so very much for letting me know you treat ferrets. I’ve added your name to the Ferret Vets Georgia page 🙂
    Love your cartoon … that ferret looks a bit like me when my guys get a bit too boisterous! LOL! 😀

  33. I’m ferret was drinking lots of water and had the runs I Tock him to the vet and 3 days later I had to get him put down the vet said he had dyabis

  34. Oh Karen, I am so very sorry to hear that :'(
    I do believe we’ll see our babies again at the Rainbow Bridge and when he sees you, he’ll do his best weasel wardance to greet you!
    Hugs from across the seas

  35. hello, i recently acquired a ferret from a friend who thought she was pregnant but started to show signs that she is in heath, he would like to try and pair her up again with the male since he is a licensed ferret breeder but i am apprehensive due to her age.
    Is it safe to breed them when they are 4 years of age?

  36. Sara, you said that your friend is a licensed breeder so do you not trust his judgement about putting your girl with a full male?
    With my last litter both my girls had their kits at the same time – Fidget was 2 years old at the time and she had 6 kits without any problems.
    Friskie was a rescue so I didn’t know her true age but I think she would have been around 4 when I mated her. She had 12 kits … she only managed to give birth to 6 kits by herself so I had to rush her down to the vet. He put her on a drip to help her to expel the other kits but the other 6 she gave birth to were all stillborn 🙁
    I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have Fidget to nurse Friskie’s newborn babies while she was at the vet!
    Then about a week later she developed mastitis so I had to put her kits in with Fidget again while Friskie was put on antibiotics to clear up the problem.
    So … I honestly don’t know if we had these problems because Friskie was older or it was just bad luck.
    I personally think it would be better to either put your female with a vasectomised hob or give her a jill jab and, once she’s out of season, have her sterilised so that you don’t have to worry about her coming into heat again!
    There are so many things which *could* go wrong with ferret pregnancies and/or their kits but if everything goes well, watching your kits growing is fabulous. But then there’s the worry of finding good homes for them ….!!!
    So, long story short – I honestly don’t know if it’s safe to breed jills when they’re 4 years old. I suppose if your girl is in good health then it should be okay.
    Hope that’s been on some help 🙂

  37. Hi ,My ferret Wally has a scabby wart like thing growing under his chin it is not sore and doesn’t appear to be getting bigger that is diameter wise but is getting longer . I have had him to the vet and she said to monitor it and remove it if necessary .He is 5 years old now had just got over a bout of what we think was ECE which took ages to clear. I am concerned about surgery as an option . He is also shedding fur and as you are in AUS maybe you could tell me if your ferrets are doing the same?
    Thanks for your advice Love Wally and his worrying dad Robert

  38. G’day Robert 🙂
    Sorry to hear about Wally’s wart.
    Take a look at my page on mast cell tumours – it seems like that’s what Wally’s got.

    From what I’ve read, these tumours are mostly benign but I think your vet is right in saying keep an eye on it and remove it if necessary.
    To be honest, I don’t know how Wally would go under anaesthetic … if he’s just got over a bad illness then I think it might be wise to not put him under but then if the mast cell tumour gets bigger ….
    Is your vet a ferret vet? I do know that Dr David Vella, who’s based in Sydney, is very happy to help other vets out if they need advice or suggestions.

    Yes – my boys are shedding like mad ATM. I guess it’s because it’s springtime, even though it’s still pretty cold in WOz 😀 I wouldn’t worry about the shedding unless you see Wally becoming bald up along his spine, as that would indicate adrenal problems 🙁
    I hope that’s been of some help to you.
    Big hugs to Wally from his new buddies across the Nullarbor 😉

  39. I have two beautiful ferrets who are now three years old. One one them has had diarrhea over the last two weeks, which has now become more liquid. They have been eating, drinking and playing as usual. Their appearance does not suggest illness or even dehydration. I’m heartbroken with the idea of loosing him. Anyone experienced anything similar?

  40. Tanymara … have you changed their diet or given them anything different during those two weeks?
    Some ferrets have very sensitive stomachs and eating different food could cause the diarrhea.
    However, it might just be a stomach bug which the vet could fix with antibiotics.
    Please find a good ferret vet and take your boy to him for a check up. At least then you’ll find out if it’s serious or not!
    Hugs to your dynamic duo from their new friends down under 😀

  41. I am going to USA for 4 weeks in August/September 2017 and I need someone to come over to my place in …… to feed and water my 4 ferrets and clean up after them. They run free (not caged). They all have had all their injections by a vet. Someone who can handle ferrets, likes them, honest and trustworthy. I will pay them a fee (cover time and petrol). Food will be left in fridge. Thankyou.

  42. Is there a place to rehome them for 4 weeks or a boarding place for ferrets in ….. That would be a great help too. If you know somewhere. Please reply to my email listed below. Thankyou. Kind regards and merry xmas.

  43. Hi Eileen
    I’ll be replying to your query by email shortly 😀
    I hope you and your fuzzies have a great Christmas and all the best for 2017 too!

  44. I have a fantastic vet near me who I’d like you to put their details on your website please. Royston Vets on Newmarket Road, Royston Hertfordshire (on the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & Essex boarder)
    They specialise in a lot and also cover exotic animals. David is an amazing vet and the only person I would trust with my ferrets other than the Cambridge Vets you already have listed.
    Many thanks.

  45. Hi Carrie
    Thank you SO much for telling me about Royston Vets.
    I’ve added their clinic to the Hertfordshire page and mentioned that they were highly recommended by a ferret owner 🙂
    I think it’s always much nicer to know that people are so happy with the treatment they get for their furbabies that they take the time to let me know so I can pass that information on to other ferret owners!
    Hope you and your little ones have a very Merry Christmas and terrific 2017 😀
    Hugs to your babies from their new friends down under!

  46. Does anyone know of a ferret rescue/breeder in the West Yorkshire area? I need to get some poo to stop rats coming back into my shed.

  47. Just realised you are in Australia, so don’t suppose you can help!

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