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A ferret is a pretty stoic animal and if you don’t pay him much attention, it would be easy to miss the signs of illness.

As I’ve said earlier, when a ferret is sick, he goes downhill pretty fast, so you MUST be aware of the signs so that you can give your vet as much detail as possible about any problems.

I have listed below, in alphabetical order, the most common illnesses and ailments that can affect ferrets.

They are just “snapshot” descriptions of the various problems, certainly not in-depth and are not written by a veterinarian.

You may, if you wish, do a quick search of the site here, by inputting your search term (for instance “drooling”), to find quick information about what you think might be an ailment. However, you MUST understand it is no more than a search of what is on my site, NOT specialized veterinary information.

This Google Search box isn’t particularly clear – you type the search term you’re looking for then click on that grey box at the right. The results will pop up but when they did, I thought there was only one. However I then saw that there were 31 results so scrolled down to find them all   😀




The information listed is only for general advice and guidance and whatever you do, DO NOT SELF-TREAT your ferret.

If notice your ferret showing any of these warning signs, please take it to a ferret knowledgeable vet IMMEDIATELY.

And I got an email from another ferret fanatic telling me about the dangers of fire ants and ferrets.

They are in Texas but have also invaded Australia, having been found around Brisbane and Melbourne so to learn more about that problem, click here.

I have added a page called Natural Remedies for Ferrets and invite all ferret owners who have given their sick ferrets alternative treatments to share their advice, thoughts and suggestions so that others can benefit from the information.
Just click on “Natural Remedies” in the table below.



Abscesses Actinomycosis Acute Renal Failure Adrenal Gland Disease
Aleutian Disease (ADV) Alopecia (Hair Loss) Anesthesia Aplastic Anemia
Blockages Blood Transfusion Canine Distemper Cardiomyopathy & Heart Disease
Cataracts & Blindness Chordoma Cryptococcosis Cystic Kidneys
Deafness Dehydration Dental Problems Diabetes Mellitus
Diarrhea Disseminated Idiopathic Myositis (DIM) Ear Infection Ear Mites
Eclamptogenic Toxemia Elderly Ferrets Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (ECE)
Gastric Ulcers Hairballs Head Trauma Heartworm Disease (Dirofilariasis)
Heat Periods Heatstroke Helicobacter Mustelae Gastritis Hypocalcemia
Hypothermia Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Influenza Insulinoma
Internal Parasites Liver Cancer Lymphosarcoma & Lymphoma Mast Cell Tumors
Mastitis Megaesophagus Natural Remedies Osteodystrophy
Pneumonia Poisons & Toxins Poop Prolapsed Rectum
Proliferative Colitis Pyometra Rabies Salivary Cysts
Sarcoptic Mange Sebaceous Epithelioma Splenomegaly Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Urolithiasis Vaccine Reactions


Sites with general medical information about ferrets


Ferret Internal Anatomy


Diagnostic Values

What are normal body temperature, blood test results, etc (Ferret FAQ)

Chemistry Panels & Tests for Pets

Urinalysis: Testing a Urine Sample


Drug information

Summary of Drugs Used in Ferrets by John R. Dinsdale, BVMS MRCVS (NFWS News)

Ferret Medications Wedgewood Pharmacy


Medical Emergencies

Is It A Ferret Medical Emergency? by Jerry Murray, DVM

Symptoms Chart Compiled and written by L Vanessa Gruden (FACT)



Explore The Ferret Skeletal System by Jerry Murray, DVM

Ferret Skeletal System


Checklist to find out what’s wrong with your ferret

Go to this vet’s site to see if you can work out what’s wrong with your ferret. HOWEVER, do NOT use it INSTEAD of taking your ferret to the vet!

Sick Pet Helper

Go to the page and click on “Small Furries” … pick on the symptom which you think your ferret has … click on the “Breed” drop down menu and choose “Ferret” … give its sex and age from the drop down menu, then follow instructions.


Non-ferret specific site about cancer

This site is for dog owners but the information about various cancers and what to look out for is something which could help us ferret owners. It’s worth checking out.

Australian Canine Cancer


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