Silly Ferret Stuff

I’ve added links to various silly ferret stuff which I have done, like the Ferretoons and the Weasel Wardance clip.

Weasel Wardance Movie Clip
A short movie clip showing ferrets participating in the weasel wardance.

Our TV Ferrets
A segment shot in 1996 which featured our ferrets in a popular TV animal program shown nationally around Australia.

Some silly photos of our animals and other pictures with cartoon quips, just for a laugh.

Cats are funny but ferrets are even funnier, so here’s a LOLFerretz page with silly posters. If you have any LOLFerretz pictures of your own and would like to share them, you can upload them here.

Hall of Fame
Only Aussies would recognise some of the ‘celebrities’ who’ve had their pictures taken with our ferrets.

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