Prolapsed Rectum in Ferrets

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The opinion of vets is that prolapse rectum happens when very young ferrets are put on a hard kibble diet too soon :(

Some ferrets with diarrhea will strain until the soft pink lining of the rectum gets pushed through the anal opening. This tends to happen mostly with young ferrets suffering from proliferative colitis and you should take your ferret to the vet immediately.

A prolapsed rectum which occurs without diarrhea is not something to worry about, unless the ferret starts chewing the prolapse.

It will usually disappear within a day or two but if you’re concerned, please take your fuzzball to the vet.

This advice is from Miami Ferret

“When there is nothing firm for the colon to push against (such as firm stool), the rectum may be pushed out. If the ferret checks out medically, then treat symptomatically by applying a cream of Preparation H and 0.5% cortisone three times daily and after every bowel movement. One vet recommends Anusol HC-1. It combines the cortisone into the meds. In severe, recurring cases, a purse string suture may be needed.”



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(Last updated October 2015)

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